An Unexpected Journey

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And so it begins…

I’m going to start this by warning you that this is my first real blog post (the lake Windermere one was a practise and I’m gonna leave it up cos it has some great pics!). Its a bit of diary entry so it might not be great! So I’ll appreciate any comments you have to help me improve 🙂

So this is it! I’m finally off on a great big adventure around the world! I’ve gotta be honest, I’m quite nervous right now, writing this on the plane from Gatwick to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Got a stop over in Dubai for an hour and a half so its not too bad! I thought the flight would be super long but Emirates has some pretty great service! WiFi and sockets on the plane so I can write this post whilst charging my phone 😀

Left home at 6am with the parents and Rishi to drive to Gatwick and I didn’t get much sleep so I thought I’d be knockout on the plane! I saw Deadpool, Civil War and Zootropolis on the movies list and I think sleep is no longer an option 😛 got about a 7 hour flight from Dubai to KL so I should be able to get some sleep. I’m arriving at 9am so I guess I should probably be rested.

Had a lovely breakfast at the airport, courtesy of my parents, and then it was time to say goodbye and head to the plane! It was quite emotional but we managed to get through it. I’m gonna miss my family so much!

Already starting the travel mindset, talking to the people sitting next to me cos I might as well 😀 they seem nice, but I think they’re quite keen on the movies too haha.

Anyway, this is getting quite waffle-y so I’ll head off for now. Coincidentally, lunch has just been served! ;P

Take care people!

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