To the BatCave! (Batu Caves)

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Day 2

It was quite nice of Selina to invite me to the Batu Caves with her the next day, which I was thinking of doing the day after, but since it’s a bit further out I preferred to go with someone. Had a pretty long train journey to get there, probably like an hour, but it wasn’t too bad. This is where I discovered Malaysia has a Women Only carriage in some trains! There weren’t many seats so me and my new friends sat in the different carriages but I managed to occupy myself by reading the map and all it’s information.

We went the wrong way at first, it turns out there’s a way to get to Batu Caves straight from the train station, but being the adventurers we were, we decided to take the wrong exit out of the station and walk the wrong way for half a km before realising and turning back. Even then we walked to the next footbridge for some reason. Walking are good, I guess? On that point actually, I’ve found there’s quite a lot of footbridges here in KL – almost like the government thought building a structure to go over the traffic would be easier than installing a traffic light, hmm.

IMG_20160816_115735 IMG_20160816_121130

Anyway, we finally made it, and it’s quite nice – basically a big Hindu temple / worshipping area built into some caves! And yes, I walked up all those steps, me! 😀 I’m gonna be honest, I’m not amazingly physically fit, and I did take one or two breaks. But I think that’s not bad – everyone I saw pretty much did the same, although they were mostly taking pictures of and having their crap stolen by these guys:

Little did I know, there were actually more stairs, followed by a nice flat area, followed by – wait for it – even more stairs! Who’d have thought!? But at least we were finally at the top, and it’s quite nice up there, with a cool hole at the top almost like you’re peering into another world:

IMG_20160816_122326-PANO IMG_20160816_123712 IMG_20160816_124002 IMG_20160816_123945

Wow I’ve got a lot of pictures for this one! Anyway, we managed to get ourselves back down after a bit of wandering, and decided it was time for some mango ice cream 😀 We then tried to (successfully) catch an Uber (thank god they have Uber here :D) to FRIM – Forest Research Institute Malaysia to do the Canopy Walk, but alas the rules had changed and they only take 250 visitors a day, and it was all booked up. They say only 250 a day to maintain the structural integrity of the walkway but they don’t do maintenance on the bridge every night right!? Ah anyway we were frustrated but luckily still in the Uber so we got him to take us back – the whole trip only cost us 18 ringgit! That’s like 2 quid! :O I’m still so surprised by how cheap it is out here, I thinking I’m probably spending more than Rough Guide’s estimate of 60RM/day, but I’ve only been here a couple of days so I’m sure I’ll figure it out 🙂 it’s still less than 15 quid a day which is pretty amazing.

So instead we decided to head back on the train, and (after waiting 40-odd mins for said train!) we made our way over to the famous Petronas Twin Towers:


They look pretty modern and thank god for their sweet sweet air con! After being in the sweltering heat all day it was nice to be in a cool area for a while. We basically just walked around a while, went to a couple of stores and got some food. I was going to move on from this point but I have to mention Selina’s hilariously ridiculous Vegetarian Pizza:


Who thinks carrots and peas on a pizza is a good idea!!!?


Anyway, after a bit more exploring around and seeing the park we decided to walk back to hostel – it’s not too bad, only 40ish mins! And luckily Selina knew the way so we managed to get back quite easily. I ended up crashing for a couple of hours, it was a pretty exhausting day! After a lot of laziness, I decided to pop down to the store and get some instant noodles Jaina told me to try. I’ve gotta say, they like their food spicy over here! But it was quite nice, especially the curry flavour one. I also tried to buy some yogurt, but it turned out to be lychee flavoured yogurt drink which was way too watery, but still pretty much just tasted of lychee so I drank it anyway:



After dinner I ended up talking to some of our other room mates which was nice – we’ve got 2 Danish guys going skiing for 4 months after this (crazy!) and 2 German guys who don’t talk much. Everyone pretty much went to sleep around midnight so I figured it would be a decent time to write a blog post. However, it took me unusually long because I somehow ended up writing 2 blog posts at the same time and then splitting them up. Since it’s now 3:21am, I bid you all goodnight! But enjoy these pictures til the next one 🙂


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  1. Parita
    August 16, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    Awesome photos and great blog so far Virr!!

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