First day in KL!

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Day 1

Well I managed to make it the hostel! šŸ˜€

Not much the rest of the plane journey. Had some pizza at Dubai Airport (yum!) but a short stopover nonetheless. Watched a couple of movies and caught a couple of zzz’s.

Got off the plane, waited absolutely ages for my baggage (surpriseĀ surprise!) and managed to get to my hostel ok. Got some interesting scenery on the KLIA ekspress to KL Sentral and the Monrel to Imbi station (pics on camera, coming soon!) – I paid 55 ringgit for the ekspress, little did I know that there’s a shuttle bus that goes to Puduraya, within 10 mins walk of my hostel! Oh wells. It took a bit of time to figure out which way to go from there, since Malaysia hasn’t seemed to have heard of road signs(!) but i got here, walked around a little, and then knocked out for a couple of hours as soon as I got my room.
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The hostel is quite nice actually! Fairly basic but it’s got everything you need. I’m currently staying atĀ Step Inn Too Guesthouse, Just next to Pudu Sentral station and the Bukit Bintang area, and within 30 mins walk of all the main attractions in KL, it’s essentially a tourism hub. The beds are decent and they have plug sockets and air con in the rooms which is pretty great. Who knew Malaysia had UK plugs! I was a bit disappointed at the lack of a kitchen but it’s got a small area with a sink, a fridge where they sell drinks (500ml bottle of water for 1 ringgit – that’s only 20p! :O), a microwave and a hot water dispenser. They even provide a drinking water tap! The bathrooms are generally clean except when it comes to Malaysia’s wet bathroom policy.Ā Basically, in Malaysia they use a hose or “bum gun” instead of toilet paper surprised. (A big thanks to my brothers for not warning me about this before I got here! sadĀ /sarcasm). Anyway.Ā I was a bit freaked out at first but after looking it up and findingĀ this gem of informationĀ it made a bit more sense. I gotta be honest though, I still gotta use hand sanitiser 24/7!

After waking up from my nap I was rather hungry so I figured I might as well go for a walk. Gearing up with my camera, some money and a map with suggestions from the friendly staff, I set out to explore the local area and grab a bite to eat. Walked down to Jalan Alor, saw not as many food places as I had been told, got a bit confused, walked up to this Indian “restaurant” and got some chicken noodles. Turns out this was basically a street food vendor dressed as a restaurant lol, and he gave me maggi’s instant noodles and some chicken and lettuce, but it was fine cos I love maggi’s noodles :D. However, I then wondered around a bit more, went one street down, and stumbled upon theĀ actual Bukit Bingtang area with all the restaurants and street food and convenience stores and street stalls I was promised! Well done, me! :/ Well it was alright because I figured you live and you learn, right!

So I just ended walking around a while, and then ended up in the nightlight central, with lots of half-restaurant half-bar/pub places offering food, drink and shisha, and a hoard of people trying to get me to come in. I decided to go this once place because,Ā Why Not!Ā AndĀ hot damn alcohol is expensive here! It costs 16 ringgit for a “glass” of beer (approx 300ml), not including tip (which I’ve been told is basically expected everywhere and it’s super rude not to :S) so for a pint you end up paying around 30 ringgit, which is likeĀ 6 quid. Yes you read that correctly – it’s more expensive than London! So I decided after this glass to stay away from alcohol and stick to water or coke/sprite (1-2 ringgit).

Pretty much went back to the hostel after that, at which point the mysterious person in the bed next to me (the only other occupied bed at the time) was back, and it turned out to be a lovely girl called Selina from the Netherlands (not German or Denmark as she very promptly dismissed my guesses!). Ended up talking for a while about random travelling stories and stuff, and I’ve gotta say she’s got pretty good banter! We on quite well which was nice because she was basically the first other hostel member I’d spoken to, and I always feel more relaxed when I start to talk to someone.

This post is getting quite long so I’m gonna split day 2 into another post šŸ™‚

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