KL’s best kept secret

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So I’m gonna start off this post by apologising for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been having such an amazing time and been so excited to write some posts but I don’t have a laptop with me so it all depends on the hostel, and I haven’t been to any internet cafes yet.
Right. Onwards!

Day 3


Breakfast: pot noodle! It never fails me. The hostel I’m in has no kitchen, only a hot water dispenser, a microwave, a sink and a fridge. So it’s easiest just to have simple things.

I thought I’d explore KL properly today, so I started off with Chinatown! Always a fun place 😀 Walked around for a while, decided to buy a fake Beats pill and test by bartering skills. I have to say they could be better, I think I’m too nice! It was offered at 50 RM, I started off too high with my first offer – 20 RM, I should’ve started with like 5 RM, because I eventually went up to and paid 35 RM (not bad, it’s just under 7 quid – but I should have been able to get it much cheaper). Oh well, you live and you learn! So I walked around some more and found only one person selling fedoras 🙁 I always get a fedora! It’s like my thing when I’m travelling. So I ended up paying too much for it because the lady would just not go lower than 15 RM, but I was stubborn and didn’t think of it logically and really wanted a hat. I then proceeded to lose said hat like 2 days later, but that’s life for you! I always got some delicious mango ice cream 😀






After exploring most of Chinatown, which is essentially 2 main streets of market and a couple of other streets around, I decided to head to Merdaka square and see the Art Gallery. I saw a couple of cool things along the way, including the self-proclaimed “coldest drink in KL”, and some random art installations they seem to have installed at random places in the city:


Outside the art gallery, the have the famous “I <3 KL" structure, created by ARCH founder & CEO Andrew Lee as a tribute and love for Kuala Lumpur in 2012, which itself then became an icon for the city. Obviously I took the obligatory "sitting in the structure" picture: IMG_4409


and headed inside. They have a couple of exhibitions which are just telling the history of KL, and are quite interesting, but I managed to take this really creative shot:


but the main attraction is their miniature model of the city! There’s a light show with music and a video presentation too so the whole thing together is pretty cool. Also, they had a pretty funky way of directing people the right way:




In their gift shop area they have a display that is a 3D piece of art that is actually made of the materials they would use. I figured here would be a decent place to stop and get some lunch because they give you a voucher for 5RM off the cafe prices.



Walked around a bit more but basically went back to my hostel for a little while, then decided to check out the Sky Bar everyone was talking about. However, when I spoke to the staff, they mentioned the Heli Lounge Bar. Intrigued, I went to check it out.
Along the way I walked past lots of street food so I decided to actually try some.




I had a couple of pieces of Dim Sum, and some Satay, where they basically grill some meat and then give you a bowl of satay (peanut) sauce to eat it with. They were both quite nice actually! and cost 13RM in total – not bad! Also I went past some of these dragon things that were being lit – kinda look like fireworks but they don’t fly up, they’re like giant incense I guess. I then went past this building that had some very strange art of famous people, so I took a picture:




I finally arrived at the Heli Lounge Bar (not without getting lost mind you!), went up to the bar, and ordered a drink (which you have to do to be able to go up further). It turns out that this place was actually a bar on top of a helipad! And not an inactive one – a real, active helipad. It sounds crazy but it’s actually pretty amazing and one of the best experiences I’ve had in KL! Let me show you why:



It’s so cool – because it’s on a helipad, it’s completely out in the open, and you can go all the way around (but not quite to the edge – they have barriers and staff making sure nobody goes past them, and serving drinks, obviously). Honestly, it was absolutely spectacular and I would recommend it as one of the things anyone should do when they go to KL. It’s not cheap – at 35 RM for 500ml beer or pretty much any cocktail, its about 7 quid – the same price as London! But it’s absolutely worth it, since there is no entry fee, except that you have to buy a drink to go up to the helipad.





I also have to give a shoutout to Daryl, one of the guys working there, who was a really nice guy and made sure I was enjoying myself, but I also ended up having a really interesting conversation with, and he took a couple of pictures for me and gave me some tips too which was pretty awesome!

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  1. Parita
    August 24, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    Virr awesome photos! Looks like you are having a whale of a time! Wish we were with you!!

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