To Penang! & Last days in KL

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Day 4

After the street food the night before, my stomach wasn’t feeling great, so I figured I should probably hold off on my plans to go to the bird & butterfly park. So i ended up just chilling in the hostel most of the day, wrote a blog post out, and made some new friends! It seems that it wasn’t just me chilling at the hostel all day, so I started talking to everyone and met a whole bunch of interesting people! Most of the day was just talking and listening to music, until we finally got too hungry and went to get some food. Guess what we had!


We found out there was a pub crawl on that evening and it was Becky’s birthday, and last night, so a group of us from the hostel decided to go out! It was amazingly good fun, 70 RM for entry to 5 bars, 5 free drinks and discount at the bars, which was good value for money, since 70 RM is like 2 cocktails!




It was really nice because after the night out we just ended up chilling outside with Noah, one of the guys working at the hostel, talking and having some water 🙂

Day 5

Another slow day, recovering from the hangover!


IMG_20160819_210206 Banana for scale!

Thought I’d take a picture of the guys thinking hard about this game of chess because we’re intelligent 😉 Again, I was going to go to the bird & butterfly park but I was way too lethargic to go. I thought I’d get out a little bit at least so I walked around for a while, and tried to find a new hat cos mine got stolen on the night out, but I couldn’t find one 🙁 I did get this snap though:


And then I came back, and wrote a blog post on this little laptop that the hostel kindly provided 🙂


In the evening we did something I never expected: watched an Anime movie! I don’t quite remember what it was called but it was interesting. I enjoy anime shows rather than movies but most of the people I spoke to had seen movies more than TV shows.


And had a fun evening after just chilling on the stairs and drinking! I made some money when we moved the sofas outside, because I was hungry so I made myself some noodles, and one of the guys from Step Inn said that he would pay me for some noodles, and since they’re super easy I made them for him and made 6 ringgit! It’s only about a pound but not bad!

Day 6


My journey to Penang was pretty simple, just 5 hours on a bus. I made 2 new friends though! Met a guy from Sierra Leone, Harris, at the place I bought my bus ticket. We thought the bus was going from where we bought the ticket, Pudu Sentral, but the lady at the counter told us we had to take a local bus to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) which was a bit frustrating but hey ho. And then we met a girl from Italy, Marika, at TBS, which was nice. The journey was pretty uneventful, just slept for most of it, and then woke up when the bus driver stopped on the side of the road to help some random people that were broken down. It was interesting because you would never have that in England, or at least I’ve never heard of it.



The bus to Penang takes you to Butterworth, from which you have to take a ferry (super quick! only 15 mins) over to the island, and then everything is fairly close in Georgetown. My hostel was only a 10 min walk! Already the smell of delicious food was wafting in form all around me. Penang is famous for being a beautiful combination of cultures, namely British, Chinese and Indian, as well as Malaysian and other influences. Which this combination comes the best food in Malaysia.





I stayed at The Frame hostel, and it’s really nice actually! The doors had bunk beds, and I had the top bunk (of course!). Each bed had their own shelf with a charger and night light 🙂 The staff were all quite friendly, especially Dean, who instantly told us the good places to go when we asked about attractions and food.

Marika and I met up and went exploring a bit because we were hungry. Walked around Little India (which my hostel was right next to!) and didn’t actually feel like Indian food! So we ended up at The Leaf vegetarian cafe, and had some really nice spaghetti (I mean, Marika is from Italy and she thought it was good so it must be good right!). Pumpkin and mushroom spagh for me, and some green leaf and pine nut spagh for her.



And then walked around a bit more and saw a bit of Penang at night, and these cool numbers which we couldn’t figure out what they were for. Any suggestions?


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