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New year new post! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you reading this 😀

So just a quick catch up before the post since I haven’t posted in like…4 months! I spent two months in Langkawi, Malaysia doing some volunteering, before traveling to Indonesia to do my PADI scuba diving course, traveling around Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and visiting Bangkok. At this point it was getting towards Christmas and I was missing home much more than I thought I would, but it would be very expensive to go back so I did the next best thing: I went back to Langkawi to surprise everyone on Christmas 😀

I managed to get back to Langkawi early so I thought I’d visit my friends Lisa and Tommy who Own The Crowded House hostel, and visit their kittens (which were just born when I left Langkawi!). Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures but they’ve grown from tiny little balls of fluff to almost-cat sized things running around being cheeky.

(Sorry about the potato quality! My camera was a bit shaky and I didn’t have much time to spend with them)

I got a message from my friend Denise (the only person I told I was going) that everyone was there so I went over to Shaka hostel (where I stayed when I was first in Langkawi). They were having a Christmas party and were still preparing so when I got there, there was nobody outside. I headed inside a bit confused but it turns out everyone was in the kitchen or back garden. It ruined my plans of walking in with theme music ( – Mariachi music because how epic would that be), but I walked in with a santa hat and was still able to be a huge surprise to everyone 😀



Reena (one of the hostel owners) was super-special surprised, to the point where she had to ask me if I was really actually there! Once she got over it we got a nice picture together 🙂 (I would like to say my beard look amazing in this picture)


I have to say I am so lucky to have become part of this amazing community in Langkawi, because I came back to Shaka and it absolutely didn’t feel like I had even left. Reena, Denise, Taz, Norina and Iwan were busy at were preparing and cooking all the food while I caught up with them and Azwan (the other owner), and got a chance to meet some of the other people that were around. Then dinner was served, and what a dinner it was!







We had rice, roasted carrots and other veg, awesome skewers and don’t forget gravy! And some amazing crepes 😀 As you can tell from the pictures it was absolutely delicious and we were all happily satisfied afterwards. (Actually I’m getting kinda hungry writing about it :P)





After dinner we cleaned up, and it was time for some games 😀 We had a secret santa, a little bit different to normal secret santa because this time we made a game of it, and none of the presents had any names on them. So the game was a little bit complicated, but it was based on dice, and you pass the presents around similar to pass-the-parcel but with more rules, and multiple rounds.. So the dice numbers were either

A) Pick a present
B) Pass a present to the person to the left/right of you
C) Steal someone’s present
D) Choose someone else to pick a present

We played this until everyone had a present. There were a couple of mishaps of course, because we were still getting used to the rules, but we got there eventually. At this point the rules changed! They were now:

A) Pass a present left/right
B) Pass a present opposite
C) Steal someone’s present
D) Open a present
E) Let someone else open a present

This was honestly waay more confusing but we got through it eventually and everyone got to open a present by the end 🙂 Although this funny moment happened:


Now you see it


Now you don’t!


I was pretty sad because it was an awesomely wrapped present. I got an awesome beer pong set at the end, and I managed to find a nice Langkawi-based key chain for my secret santa (not bad considering I only had a couple of hours to find something!).


Just had to add a quick mention to the awesome locally-sourced eco-friendly Christmas tree and decorations which were either found on the beach or made at the hostel 😀

After a lot of drinking we decided it would be time for some Christmas Clubbing! Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience because how often am I going to go clubbing, on Christmas day, in southeast asia! So we went down to the Only Club In Langkawi (TM), called Sunba, about 30 seconds away from the hostel. They were playing live music and it was actually pretty cool at first, but not great to dance to, and since we were all pretty drunk we wanted to dance (obviously!). We decided this would be a great time to go back to the hostel and finish off the bottle of vodka, before going back. This was not a good idea.

Right at the edge of drunk

I was pretty much at the edge of tipsy but a couple of shots of vodka later and we were all full on drunk and ready to party. Armed with our new drunk energy we went back to the club and the music had finally changed to some decent club music. It was a playlist and the DJ was completely useless when we tried to ask them to play any other songs but we still had an awesome time, dancing and being silly in the club and making friends with random people.


I am so glad I decided to go back to Langkawi for Christmas and I had an incredible time. I have to thank Reena and Azwan of Shaka Langkawi for being so accommodating and Denise for helping me plan it all, because I had a pretty long full day journey from Bangkok to Langkawi in one day, but it was all totally worth it!

Thanks everyone! Enjoy the pictures at the end, and I’ll have another post out soon 😀



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